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To be a leader in the machinery and equipment industry by providing innovative machine, improved service and relationship.


We aim at excellence and commitment to quality products and services.

Mission Statement

To provide innovative technology and services to meet high customer satisfaction.


A slight peek at the operation of poultry processing machines produced by S.Y.K Engineering.


SYK Engineering is established on 28th May 1999 specialise in manufacturing poultry processing machine. We are Malaysia’s leading company concentrates on research and development of fully automatic poultry processing machines. With specialised machines and experienced workers, our poultry processing machines are high quality and all are produced in-house.

Besides supplying machine to all over Malaysia, S.Y.K ENGINEERING are exporting products to several countries in ASIA and North Africa. We produce machines specialise in processing chicken, yet we also provide machines that process ducks, geese, etc.

SYK Engineering aims at providing innovative technology and quality machine. We concentrate on improving the quality of our product, the skills of our technical workers and the quality of after-sales service.


Apart from manufacturing poultry processing machines,
S.Y.K Engineering provides services involving:

  • Maintenance
  • Consultancy
  • Spare parts replacement
  • Emergency support
  • Customer support
  • Extended warranty

  • With our excellent services, we have gained good reputation in the machining industry.


    We offer a wide range of products and design configurations tailored to the requests of our customers. We design our machines based on the layout of the processing plant. The machines include slaughtering, defeathering, deboning, evisceration, cut-up equipment, vacuum system and waste water treatment.
    In accordance to local regulations, we produce machine that adheres to the Halal standards established by Jakim. Our processing machine also conforms to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for food processing to meet food safety and hygiene standards.

    Automatic Crate Reloader

    The Automatic Crate Reloader automatically supplies the crates containing the birds to the hanging department. The crates containing the birds are offloaded manually from truck and placed onto the unloading platform. The unloading platform is equipped with de-stacking device to unload the crates for manual withdrawal of the birds. The machine reduces manual labour and extends the life span of the crates.

    Roller Conveyor

    The Roller Conveyor moves the crates containing the birds to the hanging area easily and effortlessly. It is made of stainless steel for durable and easy to clean. Rollers are fitted with quality bearings so the crates can move easily. Height of the conveyor can be adjusted to suit the structure of the plant. This device reduces manual labour and maintains hygiene.

    Overhead Conveyor System

    The overhead conveyor is designed based on the structure of the processing plant. The system uses imported stainless steel chain or hardened steel chain to guide the shackles. Overhead conveyor motor imported from Europe and tensional drives the movement of the system.

    Automatic Electric Stunner

    The Automatic Electric Stunner is designed to stun birds with electric current before slaughtering. Purpose of the stunner is to minimise the risk of causing pain, fear or distress of the birds. Appropriate electric power is below 25 VOLT and below 0.2 milliAMP. The Automatic Electric Stunner provides a humane way of slaughtering in accordance to Halal standards.

    Stunner Control Panel

    The Stunner Control Panel controls the voltage of the electric stunner. Simple operation and safety feature is our top concern when using our Stunner Control Panel. A tower light installed on top of the control panel indicates the operation of the stunner. Circuit breaker is installed in the control panel for safety during operation. Our previous experience of engineering in electrical and electronics has led us to introduce the 9th generation Stunner Control Panel featuring frequency control system.

    Stainless Steel Blood Trough

    After the neck of birds is cut, the bird must bleed out for about 3 minutes before defeathering process. The Stainless Steel Blood Trough is for collecting blood to keep the processing plant clean. Dimension of the trough is designed based on capacity requirement and range of the processing plant.

    Automatic Scalding Machine

    The Automatic Scalding Machine scalds feather at a controlled temperature to ensure maximum success rate in the defeathering process later. This machine uses automatic temperature controller to carefully maintain the scalding temperature of 58°C - 62°C. Period for scalding birds is 2 - 3 minutes. The dimension of the scalding tank is designed according to the capacity requirement. We use stainless steel 304 to build the scalding tank for durability and strength. We provide a selection of heating system: auto blowing system, auto rotary water system, direct burning (diesel, gas) and heater element to suit the requirement of the plant.

    Automatic Plucking Machine

    The Automatic Plucking Machine cleans feather and leg skin with minimum damage to the bird. For the perfect plucking result, the height and width can be adjusted easily. Our machine is highly efficient which can clean 98% of the birds. Moreover, a single machine is able to clean up to 2000 bph. The main advantages of using our automatic plucking machine is hygienic, efficient and quality assured.

    Automatic and Semi-Automatic Remover Drum Machine

    Birds may come with different sizes from the farm. The Remover Drum Machine is a rotating drum to clean birds of different sizes altogether. This machine comes with 4 drums or more to meet higher processing capacity. The drums are controlled using PLC system for higher accuracy and efficiency. This machine saves time and workmanship from separating different bird size.

    Evisceration Vacuum Machine

    This machine sucks the lungs of the birds using vacuum system and suction pistols. More pistols can be installed for higher processing capacity. Using pistol can prevent damage to the flesh from traditional methods of using hands to manually remove the lungs. Lungs removed from birds are directly transferred to the waste treatment area. This machine is efficient, saves time and maintains hygiene of the processing plant.

    Spiral Chiller

    The birds that have passed through killing and evisceration process must be washed and chilled for longer storage. SYK spiral chiller is a U-shaped vessel filled with water in which spiral impeller agitate the birds. First, the birds are washed with tap water. Then, the birds are washed with iced water at a temperature around -2°C. The process maintains freshness of the birds, and can be stored in freezer for up to 5 months.

    Poultry Grading Line and Systems

    Birds often come with different sizes and weights, thus a computer based grading system is needed. The system is fully automatic and offers several functions such as recording the quantity and the weight of the birds. The total weight and amount of the birds processed by the day can be recorded without using extra effort. Profit of the business can be checked easily using this system.

    Semi-Automatic Cut Up Machine

    The Semi-Automatic Cut Up Machine is for cutting up birds into serving pieces. Equipped with sharp, round blade rotating at high speed, the machine allows high productivity during the cut-up process. The machine is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean. The machine is built for easy installation and is immediate operational.

    Automatic 9-Piece Cut System

    The Automatic 9-Piece Cut System is a fully automatic system that cut up birds into serving size. The system is a combination of 7 machines that cut up different parts of a bird. Each machine has round blades rotating at high speed to effectively cut up birds. The function of machines is buttocks cutting, chicken wings cutting, whole breasts cutting, split cutting, rib cutting, thigh cutting and drumstick unloading. Advantages of using this system is save labour, fully automatic and maintain hygiene.

    Bird Washer Machine

    After the birds passed through defeathering process, there will be residual feather on the birds. The Bird Washer Machine is for cleaning the feather of the birds before going to the spiral chiller. Gearbox is installed to easily adjust the angle of the brushes. This machine can reduce the burden of the washing stage of spiral chiller and feather can be treated easier and properly.

    Shackle Washer Machine

    The shackles must be cleaned after slaughtering process to maintain hygiene of the processing plant. Shackle Washer is equipped with brushes spinning at high speed to effectively clean the shackles. This machine can save time and workmanship to wash the shackles.

    Separator Drum Machine

    This machine automatically filters impurity and feather in the water before entering the drainage. Our machine is installed with a filtering net that can filter out 80% - 90% of impurity and feather in the water. The filtered water will enter drainage easily, as well comply to the government regulation in achieving hygiene of river. This machine has its own control panel for smooth operation. The company can save workmanship and time for water treatment process.

    Visceral Transfer System

    This machine uses vacuum system to transport visceral in the processing line. It maintains hygiene of the plant and saves time in transferring visceral. Manual labour is needed to collect liver and gizzard.

    Cylinder Giblet Handle Pump

    Cylinder Giblet Handle Pump is to pump giblet to the waste treatment area. The pump automatically collects giblet from the slaughtering area and pump them out to the treatment area. This machine maintains hygiene of the processing plant and saves workmanship.

    Stainless Steel Collection Tank

    The Stainless Steel Collection Tank collects giblets from the processing line. Then, the tank expels the giblets into a container. This machine maintains hygiene of the processing plant and convenient to collect giblets into a container.

    Control Board

    The Control Board operates all poultry processing machines. We use stainless steel to build the body of the control board for durability. Then, we use imported quality and heavy duty circuit breaker, controller, relay, timer, buttons and other quality components. Our control board is easy to use and it is safety.

    Knife Sterilizer Machine

    This machine is designed to clean slaughter equipment easily. Temperature controller keeps water temperature at 80°C. There is two units of stainless steel knife holder capable of sterilize 16 knives at a time. Hygiene of the equipment is maintained easily and systematically.

    Semi-Automatic Crate Washing Machine

    This machine is equipped with powerful spray nozzles to wash off impurity on the crate. The machine has high pressure hot water washing section and cold water rinsing section. The water is filtered and recirculated back to the machine. The company can save water, time, workmanship and maintaining hygiene.

    Deboning Machine

    This machine is designed to debone birds quickly and easily. At least 10 birds can be processed at a time, thus increasing the productivity of the processing plant. Birds are positioned vertically on a support to let workers cut them easily. This machine is made of stainless steel so that cleaning and maintenance is easy and convenient.

    Feather Transfer Machine

    After a batch of birds is processed, feather deposits below the defeathering machine which requires extra labour to clean the feather. We introduce Feather Transfer Machine that collects feather during the defeathering process. The feather is transferred continuously to the waste treatment area to maintain hygiene of the processing area. This machine maintains cleanliness and saves labour required to clean the feather.


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